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Líderes de la Universidad de Medicina China de Hunan visitaron Hunan Huacheng Biotech, Inc.

Hora: 2023-08-14 Golpes : 22

El 9 de agosto, Dai Aiguo, secretario del Comité del Partido de la Universidad de Medicina China de Hunan, y su equipo visitaron la biotecnología de Huacheng para intercambiar y comunicarse en profundidad sobre el modelo de cooperación escuela-empresa entre las dos partes. 

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Dai Aiguo suggested that the two sides should focus on the school-enterprise cooperation goals and make full use of the effect of monk fruit to moisten throat and clear lungs. The college will base on the results of this research, more accurately combine with enterprises to cultivate talents, and strive for win-win cooperation.

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Wang Wei fully affirmed the advantages and efficacy of monk fruit, and put forward constructive suggestions on how to implement school-enterprise cooperation through school-enterprise co-construction research topics, co-construction projects, product promotion and talent training in the next stage.


At the symposium, the two sides discussed how to make use of the resource advantages of all parties, and continue to promote industry-university-research cooperation, which established the foundation for subsequent in-depth cooperation.

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